Christmas Movie Review – Day 20

If you like your Christmas movies romantic, mysterious, and intense, my selection for Day 20 of my Christmas Movie Review is The Spirit of Christmas aka Hollygrove – 2015, Lifetime.

Day 20 - The-Spirit-of-Christmas_keyart

Kate, a woman who initially scoffs at the possibility of ghosts, finds herself helping Daniel (a ghost) discover the reason he becomes a real person for twelve days before Christmas every year since he died 95 years earlier at the Hollygrove Inn. Continue reading

Christmas Movie Review – Day 8

I’m on a magic sleigh ride!  For Day 8 of my Christmas Movie Review, the fun continues with Northpole: Open For Christmas, 2015 – Hallmark, which is a sequel to Northpole, 2014 (seen, but not reviewed).

Day 8 - Northpole, Open for Christmas

Warning: Again, I will be using the word “magic” repetitively.

Some of the devices are familiar:  Snow globes with special powers, quirky elves, a really cool workshop where toys are made, and Santa’s magical sleigh.  Oh, and magic snow. Continue reading

Christmas Movie Review – Day 5

As a screenwriter, I find myself analyzing movies on two levels.  For the Day 5 selection in my Countdown to Christmas Movie Review – Christmas in Boston (ABC TV Movie – 2005), my screenwriter side kicked into auto-pilot and overrode my want-to-be-entertained-holiday-viewer side even sooner than usual.

Day 5 - Christmas-In-Boston

I love the concept; a couple of pen pals who’ve been intimately close on paper except for one gentle lie: They’ve both hidden behind their best friends’ photos, but will they come clean when they have to meet when their work lives intersect right before Christmas – in Boston, of course? Continue reading