I specialize in writing Christmas scripts that resonate with family, love, and sometimes a touch of magic.

When I was a child I believed I could do whatever I wanted. I wrote stories.

with santa and doak

I loved Santa.

Then, I joined the “real” world. I worked hard to become a corporate executive where I learned about pressure, deadlines, deliverables, responsibility, and teamwork. I also discovered I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose.

It took awhile, but I finally remembered what I loved to do best – write stories.

I used what I learned and applied it to what I love to do. I’m back to believing.

Now a multi-optioned, award-winning screenwriter with a masters certificate in screenwriting, I write Christmas spec scripts, and review Christmas movies each season.

I’m also available for writing assignments, adaptations, and rewrites.

I would love to translate your vision into a screenplay.

“Every day can be Christmas.”


I still love Santa.

~ Gayla