Christmas Movie Review – Day 5

As a screenwriter, I find myself analyzing movies on two levels.  For the Day 5 selection in my Countdown to Christmas Movie Review – Christmas in Boston (ABC TV Movie – 2005), my screenwriter side kicked into auto-pilot and overrode my want-to-be-entertained-holiday-viewer side even sooner than usual.

Day 5 - Christmas-In-Boston

I love the concept; a couple of pen pals who’ve been intimately close on paper except for one gentle lie: They’ve both hidden behind their best friends’ photos, but will they come clean when they have to meet when their work lives intersect right before Christmas – in Boston, of course?

Gina and Seth, the pen pals, convince their best friends to stand in for them, which is when the real fun begins – for the best friends, Ellen and Matt.  These characters get  the best lines, the best action, and the best character arcs, that in my opinion, let them steal the show in their supporting roles, which is unfortunate for Gina and Seth, who appear lackluster and weak next to Ellen and Matt.

So, I was a little disappointed not to get to “see” their future (which to be fair, we can imagine) as the last shot instead of Gina and Seth, who, again didn’t have the same spark in their relationship.

Am I saying, don’t bother?  Absolutely not.  It’s a Christmas movie! There were some super funny lines, and again, watch the best friends.

On a scale of 5, this movie gets 3 Snow Globes. ♥♥♥

3 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Review – Day 5

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