Christmas Movie Review – Day 8

I’m on a magic sleigh ride!  For Day 8 of my Christmas Movie Review, the fun continues with Northpole: Open For Christmas, 2015 – Hallmark, which is a sequel to Northpole, 2014 (seen, but not reviewed).

Day 8 - Northpole, Open for Christmas

Warning: Again, I will be using the word “magic” repetitively.

Some of the devices are familiar:  Snow globes with special powers, quirky elves, a really cool workshop where toys are made, and Santa’s magical sleigh.  Oh, and magic snow.

There’s also a love story behind the need to convince our heroine, Mackenzie, to believe in the magic of Christmas, because that is what makes the snow magic which somehow powers Santa’s sleigh. (I didn’t quite understand the tech-dynamics, but I didn’t have to.)

Mackenzie’s inherited an inn which she decides to restore, then sell. Enter Dermot Mulroney as Jack, our hero; then add an effervescent and adorable elf named Clementine (who starred in the original Northpole).

Granted, the formulaic elements for a rom-com are evident, but combined against the backdrop of the elegant old inn, and loveable “secret” elves, it’s a nice escape.

The 3.5 of 5 magic snowballs rating I’m giving this movie is bit complicated. It got extra brownie points for snagging Dermot Mulroney, but had the unfortunate experience of being reviewed next to The Santa Clause. ♥♥♥½

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