Christmas Movie Review – Day 6

Hitched for the Holidays, 2012, Hallmark, is a surprisingly refreshing movie.  This is the selection for Day 6 of my Christmas Movie Review.
Day 6 - 2012-hitched-for-the-holidays-poster.jpg
Two people, pressured by their parents to “have” someone by New Year’s Eve, find themselves backed into proverbial corners.

Julie either has to accept her mother’s choice for her, a boring podiatrist with a foot fetish (imagine that), or find someone on her own.

Rob, the ever-ready bachelor, not wanting to disappoint his dying grandmother, must likewise find someone to make her happy.

The two meet online, agreeing to keep things platonic, but being available for all of each other’s holiday family commitments, even if it does require being double-booked – and pretending to be a different religion.

It was also nice to see Marilou Henner again, this time as a perfectly interfering mom.

What I loved about this movie, in addition to the funny comments, were the surprise twists.  The overall template is predictable, yes, but the ride along the way is well worth watching.

Technically, this movie covers Hanakkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.   I’m more than okay with that and am giving it 5 out of 5 New Year’s Eve Toasts! ♥♥♥♥♥

3 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Review – Day 6

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