Christmas Movie Review – Day 20

If you like your Christmas movies romantic, mysterious, and intense, my selection for Day 20 of my Christmas Movie Review is The Spirit of Christmas aka Hollygrove – 2015, Lifetime.

Day 20 - The-Spirit-of-Christmas_keyart

Kate, a woman who initially scoffs at the possibility of ghosts, finds herself helping Daniel (a ghost) discover the reason he becomes a real person for twelve days before Christmas every year since he died 95 years earlier at the Hollygrove Inn.

His past is revealed through a series of flashbacks and present day discoveries. Little by little Daniel’s story of love, betrayal, and pain is uncovered as Kate and Daniel find themselves falling for each other.  If they do break the spell, will Daniel and Kate lose what they both cherish most?  Even as time runs out with Christmas approaching, the characters’ banter engages and endears them to us.

If you can keep your eyes off Thomas Beaudoin playing Daniel, I would have to ask why? He’s probably the sexiest lead in a Christmas movie that I’ve seen.  Unless Clark Gable was in one that I missed. (He wasn’t. I checked.)

Day 20 - Thomas brooding

See what I mean?

This movie puts some steam into the Christmas genre, while still maintaining a family rating.

I give this movie 5 of 5 smoldering Christmas distractions.  That is all. ♥♥♥♥♥

3 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Review – Day 20

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  2. I’m glad this is the movie I chose to watch on Valentine’s Day 2017. I’ve had it in my list for awhile now. Of course, I fell asleep on the movie twice last night before finishing it while wide awake this morning. My conking out was due to my tiredness, not the storyline or acting. The setting and cast were warm and welcoming and the plot unique and fascinating. I enjoyed the mystery and contrasts between then and now, and oh, the romancing… One of the big kisses reminded me of the animated scene at the end of “Beauty and the Beast.” I smiled at that and again at the ending. Beautiful. Hopeful. Magical. I believe in Christmas miracles. This was a wonderful Valentine’s Day movie! Will keep it bookmarked in my Netflix list. ~Janean

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