Christmas Movie Review – Day 7

The Day 7 selection for my Christmas Movie Review embraces all that makes me fall in love again with the magic of Christmas – The Santa Clause, 1994, because it’s timeless.  Thank you, Walt Disney.

Day 7 - The Santa Clause

The basic premise is that the main character, Tim Allen, finds himself in a position where he cannot refuse becoming Santa when he inadvertently agrees to a magical contract.

The list of what I love about this movie is long.  Warning:  The use of the word magical might grow repetitive.

  • Judy, the at least 1200 year old elf, has the two best lines (in my opinion) in the movie and they are back-to-back:  One is profound and one is uber-funny.  (Please don’t miss these moments when she brings Santa her special hot cocoa.)
Day 7 - Judy and Santa.jpg

Extra chocolate, and shaken – not stirred.

  • This North Pole is fascinating.
  • Over above Judy, Santa gets some great one-line zingers to a wide range of recipients.  This movie is funny.  (Somebody didn’t like the sweaters from The Cosby Show even back then, and I especially loved the sly reference to Tim Allen’s sitcom Home Improvement as his eyes lit up when he found the toolbelt in Santa’s Workshop.)
  • The CD player in the magical sleigh is really a warm cookie dispenser to go with the hot cocoa dispenser.
  • I learned once and for all how Santa gets in and out of chimneys.
  • The supporting characters are memorable, and Tim Allen’s son translates the wonder and awe of Christmas to the point we understand:  Believing is seeing.
  • The special effects as Tim Allen became Santa work.
  • Who wouldn’t want a snowglobe like that?
  • Comet is sweet, wise, and has the best eye-roll I’ve seen from a reindeer.
Day 7 - Comet

Am I  right?

  • E. L.F.S. with an attitude speak for themselves.

Is there anything not to love?  (Well, there is the nagging question of how the original Santa could actually-dare I say-“move on” and even more disconcerting to me, how no one at the North Pole seemed to miss him, but those are mere irritants as we move into the real story, right?)

What I did wish for but didn’t get from this Christmas movie – which pales compared to what I did find in the Christmas stocking was a moment of final belief from his original co-workers to tie up that loose end.

I’m happily giving this movie more than  5 of 5 hot chocolates¸ I love it so much.  ♥♥♥♥♥

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