Christmas Movie Review – Day 17

Journey to the Christmas Star – 2012, a Norwegian film (distributed by Walt Disney Company Nordic) over which my husband and I still debate whether or not it was dubbed, is the selection for Day 17 of my Christmas Movie Review.

Day 17 - Journey to the Christmas Star

I have to watch this movie again.

After the introduction explaining how both the Christmas Star, and the King’s daughter, Goldenhair, were lost, the story begins as Sonja, a 14 year old girl who slaves away like Cinderella, escapes and sets off on a quest to find the Christmas Star.

Because it’s set in the snowy North (in a place far, far away but don’t expect to run into Luke Skywalker) and has a talking bear, I was reminded of The Golden Compass.

I also thought of The Wizard of Oz, due Father Christmas’ doorkeeper, who looked a lot like the gatekeeper in Emerald City.

Day 17, Santa's gaurd

Am I right?

Day 17 - Oz_Gatekeeper

And the evil witches in both those movies had crystal balls to track their Dorothy and Sonja. (For Harry Potter fans, there is a flying broomstick.)

The details get complicated, so I won’t attempt to explain them here. You’ll want to experience the blended layers of familiar and unfamiliar worlds for yourself.

Think of Father Christmas at the North Pole with elves, reindeer, and a sleigh preparing Christmas Eve in spite of the Doubters who mail their wishlists late every year; a place filled with trees that reflect the essence of everyone who is naughty or nice. To get there, you have to find a gnome with magic dust who can introduce you to a talking bear who will carry you to meet the North Wind, who may transport you to the North Pole.

You see what I mean.

The best acting came from young Sonja, and the wittiest dialogue was from the witch directed at her henchman, the Count, and her shallow witch-in-training daughter.  (At times, the rest of the acting was weak, and the dialogue on-the-nose.)

Still, it was a lovely adventure into a another world that also depends on believing to see. (Please reference my review of The Santa Clause.)

Day 17 - riding the wind

Wouldn’t you like to ride the North Wind?

I give this movie 3.5 of 5 Christmas Stars. ♥♥♥ 1/2

PS: There’s a neat dog named Bruno, too.

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