Day 20 – The Road To Christmas – Christmas Movie Reviews 2016

You might think Lifetime’s 2006 The Road To Christmas is one more stranded heroine forced to road trip with the “wrong” guy on her way to marry the “right” guy movie, but it’s a good one. It might even be the prototype for some of the films that followed. (Here are two that I reviewed last season: The Flight Before Christmas & A Christmas Detour)


What makes the difference between a memorable, but similar, concept?

For one, a great cast. Jennifer Grey as Claire, and Clark Gregg as Tom, are the leads.

Lorne Cardinal, plays an iconic funny innkeeper. I love him.


He makes me laugh.

For two, the chemistry.  At times, there’s an almost Doris Day/Rock Hudson vibe going on.


This is part of the chemistry.

For three, most of the dialogue is also real, funny, and smart. Especially that between teenage Hilly, and her widower father, Tom.

And four, a slightly different twist at the end. Trust me.

With Claire on her way to her fairy-tale Christmas Eve wedding with her Italian love, Lorenzo, of course she discovers that maybe, just maybe plain old Tom has more to offer than originally thought. What could be more fun than stopping at the International Hubcap Museum?

The only thing I wonder is whether Claire would have taken action, had not the action of others taken her to an inevitable crossroads.

Though some might find this movie a bit sappy, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would watch it again.

The Road To Christmas earns 4.5 Christmas Flannel PJ’s. ♥♥♥♥.5



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