Day 19 – Becoming Santa – Christmas Movie Review 2016

Last season I watched Lifetime’s 2015 Becoming Santa by Barbara Kymlicka. I ran out of days in December to review it, so I watched it again this year, and enjoyed it even more.  Side note: Ms. Kymlicka has written numerous Christmas movies (and other genres), including A Bride For Christmas, which earned 5 of 5 Golden Rings in my 2015 review lineup.


Yes, that’s Michael Gross from Family Ties under that Santa curly-que mustache. Even more surreal is Meredith Baxter playing Mrs. Claus. You almost expect to see Michael J. Fox, who would’ve made a superb elf. In his absence, Gabe Khouth is cast perfectly as Mario the Elf, simultaneously protective, wise, and witty.

Reminiscing aside, Michael and Meredith are simpatico as Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

They’re both a bit stunned when their daughter Holly brings home her boyfriend, Connor, to meet them right before Christmas, as Holly thinks he’s on the verge of proposing. They welcome him with open arms as Holly says “He’s the one.” He loves Christmas, inventing toys, and he makes her happy.

Her parents are a little concerned that she hasn’t shared one important thing with Connor. Her future husband will become the next Santa when her father retires. There are “duties” he’ll have to perform.

cookies for santa.jpg
Such as… eating untold thousands of cookies on Christmas Eve as he hopscotches around the globe, sliding down chimneys, driving the sleigh, and not waking children when he delivers their gifts.

Things his rival, Jack Frost, can do handily, as he’s been training since he and Holly were kids.


Jack’s as ingratiatingly swarmy as Eddie Haskell in Leave It To Beaver.

Leave it to Jack to throw a snowball into Holly’s plans and challenge Connor’s confidence, as he makes his move to woo Holly back.

Does Connor love Holly enough to believe he could be the future Santa?

Overall, this is a fun romp. I especially like that independent Rudolph shows up just in time for take off every year.

Becoming Santa earns 4 of 5 Sips of Santa’s Special Sherry.  ♥♥♥♥


Ho! Ho! Ho! 

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