Day 18 – Sleigh Bells Ring – Christmas Movie Review 2016

Pretty hot off the press following Hallmark’s 2016 World Premier for Sleigh Bells Ring, I wish I’d watched the credits more closely instead of relying on IMDB or the rest of the Internet for more details, such as who wrote, directed it, supporting actors in the movie, and more. So far, I cannot locate those details.

sleigh bells ring.jpg

If the cyber-info doesn’t catch up by the next showing, I will be primed and ready when the credits are rolled!

I enjoyed this movie for what it was. Definitely hitting all the Christmas fun stuff – parade, Santa’s magical sleigh, and decorating the tree; it aimed for the heart of regrets, misunderstanding, and lost love. But did it hit its mark?

If you want a movie where you can predict which pay offs will follow which set ups; there are few surprises, so it’s a great choice.

The biggest surprise to me was the fact that our heroine, Laurel, is divorced from her husband Kevin for over seven years. She reveals this over halfway through the movie when her “almost” fiance, Alex, asks if she’s raised her daughter, Scarlett, on her own.

What I find interesting is that throughout the movie, almost everyone, even Alex, asks her what went wrong between Alex and her, yet no one ever bothers to ask what went wrong between her and Kevin? Where is Kevin? Deadbeat dad, or does Laurel want it that way, and if so, why? She laments about the hardship of raising a child all by herself (since her parents moved to warmer pastures), so I think it’s a fair question.

The basic premise of this film is that two weeks before Christmas, the task of reviving the town’s Christmas parade is dumped into Laurel’s lap by her boss, the mayor, who baits her with the temptation of a great promotion. When she finds a sleigh as the centerpiece for the parade, she has to rely upon Alex, who’s back in town to help his aunt sell her antique shoppe years after Laurel and he broke up, to help paint and fix the sleigh.

The sparks are still there, but the way they broke up in the past still haunts them. Enter the magical sleigh, an entity unto itself, which seems driven to put itself in the path of either Alex or Laurel, so they have to return it to the other and talk again.


Eventually, as the parade approaches, Laurel must decide if she will tell Alex the truth about how she feels toward him,and Alex must decide if he really wants that big promotion in New York City, or if what he truly desires is right in front of him.

Sleigh Bells Ring earns 2.5 of 5 Magic Sleighs. ♥♥.5

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