Christmas Movie Review – Day 19

I love reindeer and finally caught Last Chance For Christmas – 2015, Lifetime, as the Day 19 selection for my Christmas Movie Review.Day 19 -Last Chance For Christmas
When poor Prancer goes lame a few days before Christmas, the head of Santa’s Reindeer Department, John Stockton, is tasked with finding a replacement, or Santa won’t be able to deliver presents and Christmas will be ruined. 

The North Pole set-up on Santa’s whole operation was much different than I expected.  Santa’s helpers are employees with ID badges. Even the elves punch a time-clock.

What really threw me for a loop was reconciling Mrs. Claus’ approach to acquiring Frankie, the reindeer, ultimately stooping to stealing him when John refuses to do the deed even though Frankie would be the perfect replacement.  John doesn’t have permission yet from the owners, Madison, a little girl, and Annie, her mother.

Annie doesn’t trust John, even though the two are falling in love. She believes John works for Reginald Buckley, who’s squeezing Annie out of her reindeer farm for the land. John is on the verge of saving the day for all (except Reginald) when Mrs. Claus has her elves swoop in to nab Frankie.

After we watch Madison cry all night searching for Frankie, and the situation comes to a head, Mrs. Claus finally apologizes. But it is after she gets what she wants, justifying (as she did all along) that one little girl’s happiness is collateral damage next to that of the boys and girls of the world. What she did was mean.

It left me feeling like I was listening to a political argument.

Personally, I thought this was a terrible position to put Mrs. Claus in. She was bossy, demanding, and ruthless.  She ruled Santa.

Day 19 - LastChanceChristmas 2.jpg

After everyone has made up.

As a writer, I might have used an ambitious employee to come up with the idea of stealing a little girl’s reindeer, instead of Mrs. Claus

On the flip side, John was fun to watch as he endearingly interacted with Madison, and bumbled awkwardly with Annie as he tried to court her.

Because of the mixed message, I’m afraid I can only give this movie 1 of 5 Reindeer Antlers. ♥

3 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Review – Day 19

  1. Based on your description, I’d be tempted to give this film a rating with something from the other end of the reindeer. Vilifying Mrs Claus? Making a little girl cry and search in vain for her beloved reindeer? Whatever happened to making the little girl part of the process, letting her decide whether the reindeer should help to make Christmas happen for all children? I agree with you-it would work much better to have a rogue elf steal Frankie. Then, you can have said elf learn his/her lesson at the end. Can’t believe a film with such an anti-female message is being shown on Lifetime.

    • Hi Dana, In the end, the little girl did agree to loan her Frankie (hence the plaque) to Santa, but that was after she’d cried her eyes out… Honestly, I was disappointed. Thanks for your comments. ~ G

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