Christmas Movie Review – Day 18

Santa Baby, 2006 – ABC Family, is the Day 18 selection for my Christmas Movie Review. You might find yourself smiling like an elf if you listen to the links below.

Day 18 - santababy

The Beach Boys’ The Man With All The Toys accompanies the opening scene when Mary (Okay, I would’ve named her Merry.) opens the door to her taxi, knocking over a street Santa and steps over him in her rush to a corporate meeting where she wows the board with a hi-tech proposal.

Mary, played by Jenny McCarthy, is working on Thanksgiving to meet her new deadline when she gets a call that her dad had a heart attack. Dad, as in Santa, is played by George Wendt (not a trace of Norm on Cheers to be found), and makes one of the best Santa’s I’ve ever seen.

Day 18 - santa and mrs

With the Mrs.

The main conflict is Mary wanting to do Christmas her way when she steps in to help – innovative, bold, and efficient, without realizing what she’ll lose in the process – tradition, trust, and magic.

Mary still has a lot to learn from the old man.  Her figuring that out is what drives this movie.

This had to be a fun movie to make for everyone involved, including the writers – and it shows.  I especially loved Mrs. Claus humming Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt version here) when her daughter arrived home via dogsled.

All the acting was stellar.

The irrepressibly happy, one-track-minded elves taking cookie breaks, gingerbread man breaks, candy cane breaks, and hot chocolate breaks to elude Mary’s organizational efforts was stand-alone entertainment.

Though sweet, I wanted to see more spark and passion between Mary and her old beau, Luke, so I had to take 1/2 a point off for that.

This movie ranks 4.5 of 5 double-swooped candy canes. ♥♥♥♥1/2
(I couldn’t find an image, so you’ll have to watch the movie to see them.)

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