Christmas Movie Review – Day 4

My pick for Day 4 of my Christmas Movie Review is Angels Sing (2013 – Hallmark) with Harry Connick, Jr., Connie Britton (think Friday Night Lights and Nashville), Kris Kristoferson, Lyle Lovett, and Willie Nelson.

Day 4 - Angels Sing

With such a star-studded cast, what could go wrong, right?  Continue reading

Christmas Movie Review – Day 3

I can’t help it.

For Day 3 of my Christmas Movie Countdown, it’s back to the The Holiday Yule Log – with Happy the cat and Happy the dog.   Hallmark, of course, 2007.  The original version dates back to 1966.

The Yule Log for Thanksgiving

Warning:  It’s three (3!) hours of nothing but a burning Yule log, Christmas music, and watching the dog and cat bliss out by the fire, or maneuver with each other for the best spot (the cat always wins).  Continue reading