Christmas Movie Review – Day 3

I can’t help it.

For Day 3 of my Christmas Movie Countdown, it’s back to the The Holiday Yule Log – with Happy the cat and Happy the dog.   Hallmark, of course, 2007.  The original version dates back to 1966.

The Yule Log for Thanksgiving

Warning:  It’s three (3!) hours of nothing but a burning Yule log, Christmas music, and watching the dog and cat bliss out by the fire, or maneuver with each other for the best spot (the cat always wins). 

Double warning:  When our cat Storm, saw Happy, he immediately turned sideways, hitched up his tail and was ready to fight. We had to change the channel to avoid an attack on our TV screen. ZuZu, our dog, could care less.

On Thanksgiving Eve and Day, and Christmas Eve and Day, the three hour episode plays over and over in a loop.  We watched during Thanksgiving on commercials from our Christmas movie marathon, so I’m pretty sure we saw the whole thing; except not at one time.

I confess, I did love watching the cat and dog.  They were both Happy and made me laugh.  I had some holiday champagne, so I was happy too.

On a scale of 5:
I have to give this a ranking of 5 Yule Logs because there’s simply nothing else to compare it to. ♥♥♥♥♥


3 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Review – Day 3

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