How, why, and when I choose Christmas films to review.

Three questions were posed to me recently.

christmas question.jpgchristmas-questionchristmas-question

  1. Am I only reviewing Hallmark holiday movies?
  2. Am I only reviewing those released in 2016?
  3. How do I pick the movies I review?

The answers to #1 and #2 are simple no’s. The answer to #3 inspired this blog post.

How do I pick the movies I review? 

  • Any shiny new title or trailer is a magnet.
  • Friends’ recommendations (I keep a list.)
  • New releases
  • Old favorites
  • Favorite actors and actresses
  • Availability:
    • TV (see below for schedules)
    • On-Demand
    • Streaming
      • Netflix
      • Amazon
      • Hulu
      • Feeln
      • Google Play
      • You Tube
    • Library
      • I love going to the library and picking 7 at a time.
  • Magical-ness, relevancy, appeal, novelty
  • Google searches
  • Random timing
  • The weather
  • Ability to lure husband into watching
  • Special request
  • Appealing animals (Cats really pique my curiosity, as they’re known for their avoidance to direction.)
  • Classics I’ve somehow missed

Just as importantly, how do I pass on the movies I don’t review?

  • Bad poster art
  • Time constraints
  • Similarity to other movies I’ve seen with exceptions:
    • The promise of something different or…
    • Being in head-to-head competition with another network in the same season (I want to know!)
  • Husband passionately refuses to watch

Special note: I like to watch movies alone, and I also like to enjoy them with my husband or a good friend/family. As with many people, my husband cannot watch a steady diet of the same subject, so I choose my “together” suggestions very carefully for maximum enjoyment. He also cannot fathom how I can watch a favorite movie over and over and… over.

What about movies I’ve watched, but haven’t reviewed?

  • There have been Christmas movies I’ve watched but haven’t reviewed. Why? Namely because there are other movies I’d like to share more – either good or bad – that move the needle one way or another. If, for some reason, I would run out of movies to review, I can go back to the data base I keep.

As I read the list of movies I’ve reviewed during the 2015 and 2016 seasons, I notice that Hallmark is a main source.  Though not by design, opportunity is golden, and Hallmark runs their movies on two channels, non-stop, 24/7 right up until Christmas.  (They even have “Christmas in July” programming.)

Also, it’s a pretty safe bet if I need a pick-me-up, or pretend I’m baking cookies (ha), Hallmark will have an uplifting option.


It’s easier to watch.

Here are a few Christmas TV channel schedules:

Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas


ABC Family (Freeform) 25 Days of Christmas (ABC also has a countdown to their 25 Days of Christmas, but we’ve left that zone…)

Turner Classic Christmas Movies

ION Christmas Movies


Finally, I leave you with this link to the movies I have reviewed.

Christmas is coming. In 14 days. With all the holiday bustle and last minute realization you might not have time to do everything, a good Christmas movie and a cup of tea is a delicious respite.






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