Day 10 – Christmas in Homestead – Countdown to Christmas Movie Review 2016

I looked forward to watching this release since its premise revolves around a Christmas movie in the making.

Hallmark’s 2016 Christmas In Homestead is written by Rick Garman who grew up in Iowa. His background shows in the warmth and personalities of the movie’s townspeople.

(A bit of trivia –  Homestead, Iowa is a real town, one of six Homesteads in the United States.)


One thing I found refreshing in this movie is that I’d never seen Taylor Cole (as Jessica) and Michael Rady (as Matt) in any previous Christmas movies, though they are both seasoned  actors.  The plot of an actress making a Christmas movie and falling in love with a local is also one I haven’t seen before.

Although super-star Jessica has an ex-boyfriend, Vince, who acts the lead in her movie and wants to get back together, there’s no real threat of that. He doesn’t stand a chance once Jessica meets Matt, the owner of the inn where the cast stays – who doesn’t even know who Jessica is.

The two have a few bumps in the road early on as he’s also the Mayor and is against the movie using his picturesque town because he doesn’t want anything to change since his wife died. Shooting delays, interrupting traditional festivities, and the swarm of paparazzi don’t help.

The conflict in the movie is the angst each the main characters  face as they struggle to overcome their own personal demons and face their fear of new involvement.

Two actors were irresistible in supporting roles; Katrina Norman as Matt’s sister, Zoe, and Brooklyn Rae Silzer as Matt’s daughter Sophie. Both portrayed their roles so naturally, I anticipate seeing much more of them.


Here they are: Zoe and Sophie

So, if you’re in the mood for a sweet, romantic Christmas movie with tender moments, no real villains, and a fun snowball contest, this one fits the bill.

I’m giving this movie a 3.5 of 5 Christmas Pumpkin Pies. ♥♥♥.5




2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Christmas in Homestead – Countdown to Christmas Movie Review 2016

  1. Smiled as I read your review. The movie within a movie is a clever format. Love that you included a snippet of the screenwriter’s bio and trivia about the name of the town.

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