Christmas Movie Review – Day 12

The Christmas Gift, 2015, Lifetime, is the Day 12 selection for my Christmas Movie Review.  Interestingly, it is also a very popular title as versions of The Christmas Gift aired in 1986, 2001, 2009, 2014 (short), 2015, and is in development for 2016.

Day 12 - The Christmas Gift

My gift to this movie is to get in and get out with my review.  

The best thing about this movie was its intention to bring attention to lonely kids in foster care, and also forgotten seniors in uncertain housing situations.  Unfortunately, these aspirations were part of several subplots; keeping track of them weakened and confused the main plot, which had to do with the heroine tracking down her childhood Secret Santa, so she could write an article that could be viewed as touching and personal.

She did find her Secret Santa, which opened up a whole new world, and caused her to realign her priorities.

The most endearing moment of the entire movie was when a young boy who’d lost his father in Iraq connected with a lonely war vet wasting away in a retirement home. The vet had also been awarded The Purple Heart – like the boy’s dad.

This movie receives 1.5 of 5 Secret Santas. ♥½

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