MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Day 25 – It’s A Wonderful Life – Christmas Movie Review 2016

I will be hard pressed to ever find a better Christmas movie embodying the hope of believing in the magic of Christmas than It’s A Wonderful Life. Have you ever considered what the world would be like had you never been born? You might be surprised, and it might inspire you to share a kind word or a smile – you never know what makes the difference in another’s life.

From Day 25 – CHRISTMAS – 2015:

Drum roll please. Merry Christmas! I’ve saved the best for last, and though you may have already guessed, the Day 25 selection for my Christmas Movie Review on Christmas Day is It’s A Wonderful Life – 1946, Liberty Films.

Day 25 - It's a wonderful life
I choose this movie for one reason.

It’s my favorite.  (The fact that we named our dog ZuZu might tip my hand.)

Day 25 - george and zuzu.jpg

George and Zuzu

headshot as an elf

ZuZu’s first Christmas

Why it is my favorite?

It gives me hope, makes me thankful for the life I have, as dissatisfied as I might think I am on some days, and makes me appreciate that under the illusion of success and happiness, other people struggle the same as I do.  We all need love and encouragement. A single smile can make a difference.

How does this movie accomplish this?

On the minuscule chance you haven’t seen this movie (and there’s still time to see it yet today, as on some channels, it’s looping 24/7), the brief version is about a man who’s despairing the choices he made in life until an angel shows him the lives of others without him in it – and it’s not a pretty prospect.

To wax philosophical, chin up.  If George Bailey can lasso the moon, why can’t we?

Day 25 - lasso the moon.gif
To segue a moment, and maybe it’s fate, but this Christmas 2015, there is full moon – the first since 1977.

Day 25 lasso the moon for full moon

Why not lasso it yourself?

Now’s your chance.  I believe in the possibility that anything can happen, and that’s the magic of life.  Every day can be Christmas.

I give give this movie more than 5 of 5 Zuzu’s petals.


2 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Day 25 – It’s A Wonderful Life – Christmas Movie Review 2016

  1. I do not know who wrote or produced Its A Wonderful Life, but may God bless each of them and may God bless Jimmy Stewart.

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