Day 13 – Lost Christmas – Countdown to Christmas Movie Review 2016

Based on the cover art on Amazon, I was expecting a totally different kind of movie than discovered in BBC’s Lost Christmas, 2011, written by John Hay and David Logan.


Looks magical, right?

The description per Amazon:  Lost Christmas is an Urban Fairy Tale set in Manchester about how a series of tragic events that blight a young boy’s life are reversed one Christmas Eve giving him and those around him the happy ending that they were destined to have.

This is all true.

My husband and I watched the movie, properly mystified, trying to guess what would happen next.

After it was over, I wondered how I was going to write this review. My husband smiled and said good luck.

It was actually fascinating, if you enjoy British realism with a touch of funny (Nana, the grandmother was so sadly senile as she buttered her Christmas cards, and tried to roast the turkey in the washing machine, that your heart went out to her.), plus a tolerance for seamy.

When one of the very first scenes began with a drunk leaving a bar in the wee hours of Christmas Eve morning, and relieving himself on a lamp post in a deserted parking lot, I wondered if I’d accidentally queued up the wrong film.


A bit more representative.

There is magic, a sense of connecting the dots, and sadness for the choices made without foreseeing a lifetime of regret. There is also a need to pay attention so you don’t miss a single word of dialogue as the characters often say the oddest things. The characters are a diversified lot, and yes, there is an adorable dog named Mutt as well.

If you’re looking for a total escape without thinking too deeply, and lots of Christmas traditions, this movie might not be for you.

However, if you’re like to ponder the “what if’s” in life, this film will help.

Lost Christmas runs your emotions up and down before coalescing at the end. The theme subscribes to practicing kindness as the defining moment in anyone’s life.

The movie was unique and well done, so I’m giving it a 4 of 5 Stolen Golden Bangles. (You’ll have to watch to understand.) ♥♥♥♥


The closest resemblance I could find.

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