Include, Exclude, or Omit?

It’s the middle of January, and what’s happening with me?  I’m already thinking of next Christmas.

January Christmas

The temperature is 5 degrees today with a windchill of -14.  The sun is the brightest it’s been this month and the reflection from the new snow is almost daring me to come outside. Sorry, Mr. Sol; I’m content to look.

Instead, as I finish my current Christmas script, I wonder how fellow viewers feel about sentimental holiday scenes – anticipated and comforting, or predictable and irritating?

For example:  The ice-skating scene where one person is the expert and the other is a total novice who always falls, pulling the expert down to the ice, i.e., setting up that first kiss. I always think: Why can’t they both be former champions or… Can you imagine? They’re both inept and stumble over each other.

Holiday in Handcuffs (Day 16 of my Christmas Movie Review) offered a delightful twist when the ice-skating became a hockey match between the leads.

hockey scene holiday in handcuffs

Though he edged her out, she was scrappy and competitive.


Over and above keeping the story fresh, I find myself asking:

What drives viewers crazy about Christmas movies?  

For me, it’s knowing that in almost every ice-skating scene, one person will be an ace, and one a klutz.

What brings viewers comfort?

Santa Claus, elves, and reindeer make me smile.  Maybe it’s the touch of magic.

Christmas cookie baking inspires me to make wonderful aromas waft from my own kitchen.

What traditions do I want to include, exclude, or omit in my scripts?  With each one, it’s different of course, as the story follows its concept.

My current script is titled Gingerbread Christmas, so you might imagine where it’s headed. (Or not; I hope there are a few surprises.)

I love hearing which ingredients make certain Christmas movie favorites “must-sees” season after season and welcome your input.  The same goes for what’s “off-putting”.

Happy January and stay warm!



4 thoughts on “Include, Exclude, or Omit?

  1. I am admittedly a sucker for happily ever after. Yes, every time. I want the angst to all work itself out after twists and turns, and lots of crazy crap they gradually overcome and work through, so the movie can end with a long kiss and great big, goofy smiles. Magic is ok but my favorite sparkle is the twinkle in their eyes when they look at one another. Smiled about the predictability of most ice skating scenes. Partly because I am in the klutz, novice, never tried it category and I’d rather hold hands and go for an outdoor walk than risk my neck on ice. Looking forward to reading your “Gingerbread Christmas” screenplay. I have cookie cutters to make ninjabreadmen and skeleton gingerbread, a traditionally shaped cookie person if you need any fodder for culinary twists, as well as a good recipe for a light gingerbread.

      • If you have a cat shaped cookie cutter I’ll gladly make kitty ninjabread for you. A few years ago at a CHRISTMAS gift my cousin Diane gave me a cowgirl boot cookie cutter. That’s purrrfect too, isn’t it?! When I use it for the first time I’ll ice them in aqua and brown so they resemble my boots, cowgirl kind. =^.^=

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