Christmas Movie Review – Day 15

Ice Sculpture Christmas – 2015, Hallmark, is my Day 15 selection for my Christmas Movie Review.  Though it might seem predictable (and it ultimately is), there are a few moments that break the mold (ha) along the way.

Day 15 - ice-sculpture-christmas

Break out (I’m on a roll.) moments include:

  • Ice sculpting facts and techniques that made the movie more real, and piqued my interest in the art. It actually gave me a new respect for the skill involved, and no, I’m not jumping into a new hobby.

I found it fascinating to learn about the tools of the trade, tempering the ice to avoid fractures, working with fractures if they happen, how to join appendages, and how to make the final stage so shiny.

These are things I never knew I wanted to know, but now realize I did.

  • Seeing Leanne Lapp, the “mean girl” who’s perfected one of the best smirks around, finally reap the results of her selfish actions, as sometimes the agitators in other movies kind of slink away.
  • If you pay attention, you will also pick up a couple of kitchen tips.

The marketers got the tagline right when they said, “This holiday movie will melt your heart.”  Nice.

This movie gets 4 of 5 ice sculptures. ♥♥♥♥

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